1. Detonation barrier
  2.                                                       Typ F.4.7000.20-IIC ( Hastelloy-characteristic with marking groove)
  3.  Typ F.4.7000.40-IIC ( stainless steel)


  1.       description
  2.       EG- certificate
  3.       technical data
  4.       special conditions
  5.       service
  6.       warranty

  1. description
    1. The detonation barrier F.4.7000.20 (40)-IIC (Ex-classification Ex IIG IIC) avoids the  breakthrough of the flames in case of instable detonations  and deflagration
    2. of  combustable gas or gas/steam mixtures classified by explosion category IIC.

The detonation barrier consists of the mean components pressure proof housing, connector for the tubes and  ceramic material (max. porousity: 80µm for

prevention of  flame puncture.

The detonation barrier can be heated max. 200°C and the max. pressure is 3 bar (abs.)

  1. Certificate

EG- certificate:                        IBExU 00 ATEX 2058X

                                       IBExU 00 ATEX 2059X

based on Standard                        DIN EN 1127-1:2008

                                       EN ISO 16852:20107


  1. Technical data

length:                                83,5 mm

diameter:                                32 mm

thread:                                M 30 x 1,5;  30 lengh

gas connector:                        G 1/4“

max. pressure:                        3 bar (abs.)

max. temperature:                        200°C

mounting orientation                        user defined

flow direction                                user defined

material:                                stainless steel 1.4571; optionally  hastelloy

                                       resistance against flame transmission of H2/Cl2 mixture only hastelloy arrester

Ex-classification:                                  IIC

Special admission                        H2-CL2 -mixtures up to 60°C only IBExU ATEX 2058X Hastelloy

  1. special conditions

The application of the detonation barrier is only  granted for such gases  whereby the .materials  are resistant.

The application of the detonation barrier is restricted for Tubes max. 12 mm diameter.

The load limit for the  fitting of the flame resistor is 80Nm

  1. service

The visual inspection of the detonation barrier is stipulated regularly.

If there are any corrosive influences the user must replace the barrier.

The measurement of the flow resistance (picture 1) is an suitable method to check the barrier.

Each detonation barrier enclosed a  data sheet including the pressure Δp for different flow rates.

The condition of the barrier is easy to control by comparing the data.

  1. detonation barrier
  2. gas in

       3          T- connector

       4          U- Rohr- Manometer (1m)pressure sensor

5            flow meter 0...2 l/min

Pic. 1:   schematic structure of the test installation