1. difference pressure regulator


The pressure regulator is used to equalize fluctuations in the gas pressure of technical systems.

If the analyser is equipped with an flow regulated pump the user has the problem to ensure an

well balanced flow rate.

Particularly in case of high pressure the danger of destruction of sensitive equipment exist.

Most of build in gas pumps has no ability to take stress by high pressure.

The pressure regulator is able to ensure a regular gas supply to the analyser.

  1. Function

                                                               Fill the water top to avoid false gas


the function of the pressure regulator is shown in Fig.1

The measuring gas is connected by T-connector to the respective measuring place.

The „pre-pressure shall be regulated that the gas stream- bubbles- out the ceramic tube.

(visible in the plexiglass cup)

Pressure fluctuations has now no influence to the measuring gas stream-

Suitable liquids are water , silicon-oil .

In case of high water content in the measuring gas the superfluous liquid is diverted out by the

liquid out tube.

This tube schould not be closed up.


lengh                                about 150 mm

diameter                        32 mm

weight                                100 g

materials        :                stainless steel 1.4301 / plexiglass

Technische Daten


150 mm




ca. 100g


Edelstahl 1.4301 / Plexiglas

Hastelloy / Glas  für korrosionsfeste Anwendung