Heater unit for detonation barrier  

F.4.7000.40 IIC  stainless steell

F.4.7000.20 IIC  Hastelloy                                          

  1. Range of application

The heatet detonation barrier is used if the humidity level of the measuring gases can condensate and have influence on the effiency of the detonation barrier

Intended use


The admission flow of corrosive gases is only  permitted by using the corrosion proof  barrier  F.4.7000.20 IIC  Hastelloy

  1. instruction

The heatet detonation barrier consists of mounting angle and external temperature control as shown at adjacent picture 1

mounting angle and external temperature control are connectet with cables for  thermocouple and  heating control

the standard assesory cable  permits an distance between barrier and control unit of . 2,0 m.

  1. technical data

all fitteng and commissioning in gases or  electrics have to execute by qualified companys.

    1. Mechanical data - controlling

dimensions                135x100x240 (BxHxT in mm)

mass                2 kg

    1. Electronic  controlling

Degree of protection................IP 40

Power supply

   voltage                230 V/50 ... 60 Hz

terminal identification        PE        1        2        3        4        N        L        L        PE

allocation                                +        -        Hz        Hz        N        L        L

                                     (sw)Thermocouple (ws)                        power supply

For the adjustment of the temperature control please look at the attached instructions.

The temperature control is factory  aligned on 50°C to 200°C higher temperatures then  200°C  are inadmissible!

    1. Mechanical data

dimensions                100x100x100 (BxHxT in mm)

mass                2 kg

    1. electronic engineering detonation barrier

degree of protection................none

power supply

voltage                230 V/50 ... 60 Hz

The ground conductor has to be connected to the terminal at the mounting angle

The  mounting angle is is equipped with 4 holes to apply the untit at

an mounting wall or mounting plate

In case of high temperature the mounting place has to be termic isolatet

4.  connection of the measuring gases

the detonation barrier has 2 inner threats of  ¼“.

The ground of the threat is plane

The using of pipe unions is allowed such as the using of  flange connectors

with o-ring seal

While screwing the pipe union the detonation barrier has to be twist lock .

The spanner size is 19mm

Check the leak tightness after Screwing the

The flow direction is user defined

( see data sheet detonation barrier)