top line

01.Symbol: power source  while using accumulator here the nattery charge condition is shown

02.Symbol: status of the sensor maybe "warmup" or "fault" can be shown

03.Symbol: meas gas pump,if pump is active this symbol is shown else not colored but grey

04.Symbol: display forming gas or inert gas (option) only used in combination to oxygen trace measurement

05.Symbol: Wlan, if active


second and third line


internal analyser temperature

sebsortemperatur, depending of the number of sensors  up to  4 displays are possible.

internal air pressure - only available if the related sensor is built in.

measuring range , brelated to the end vaue of the 4... 20 mA range

display measuring value


in the middle of the mean display - more than one value is possible .


forth line


serial number

aoftware version number


bottom line


Button start adjustments