Placement and putting into operation

Conditions of installation

The paramagnetic oxygen analyser must be put in a dry and mainly dust-free place on a stable, flat pad.

No heat sources or appliances which produce strong magnetic fields (e.g. electromotors, transformers) should be put in the proximity of installation site.

The working position of the hydrogen analyser is horizontal.

A vertical placement is not permitted because of possible damaging of the gas monitor by heat concentration.


Penetration of liquids into the hydrogen analyser can lead to serious damages or the complete destruction of the device.

Getting the ready mode

If the analyser is brought from a cold place to a place of operation with higher temperature or relative humidity a waiting period of at least two hours should be attended before switching on the analyser, in order to compensate the temperature difference.

1.        Put the analyser on the desired place, regarding the notes in chapter 7.1.

2.        Build the connections from the measurement place to the gas inlet and outlet of the analyser. Check the connections for leaks.

  1. If a pressure limitation is necessary, a needle valve directly in    

front of the gas inlet. (can be supplied by the manufacturer

The designations of the ,component parts refer to Figure 2.

-        If necessary for the measuring task, feed scavenging gas into the unit.

-        First let the unit run in thermically for approximately three hours. Subsequently, the zero point and the measuring range are to be set.