To ensure an exact measurement  the measuring gas throughput must lie between 5 and 100 l/h.


At too small a throughput, pollution effects arising from the gas pipes (leak, permeabilities, desorption) falsify the measurement.

At too large a throughput, asymmetrical cooling of the sensor can cause measuring errors.


The MGA 100 analyser is optional equipped with a pump, which revolution velocity (rpm) is regulated depending

on the flow resistance of the gas supply pipe, so  that an optimal gas flow is set..


      1. Precision of the measuring

The manufacturer guarantees a measuring error of < +-1 % relative measuring failure) for measuring gas  concentrations in the range

When measuring gas concentrations  < 10.000 ppm the following aspects must be taken into account in the evaluation of the measurement:

       Composition of the measuring gas

       Specific unusual features of the production process (e.g. used materials)

       Temperature of the measuring gas.



For the minimization of the measuring error in the measurement of low gas concentrations the following measuring and apparatus prerequisites are necessary


       The location from which the gas sample is siphoned must be free of disturbances.

       The gas pipe must be as short as possible, to avoid a shift in chemical equilibrium during the way.

       For the measuring of gas concentrations < 1000 ppm only steel pipes should be used.