The main calibration of the analyser should be proceeded by the manufacturer.

The most important internal sensor values are checked automatiocally continopusly in internal processes.


controlling values and checking

For controlling the starting values of the measuring range and the end values of the measuring range, zero or testing gas is used instead of gas to be measured. These gases must correspond to the measured-gas composition.

For particular applications it is necessary to scavenge the casing with scavenging gas.

Zero gas

Is used for setting the zero point according to.point " adjustments"

The requirements placed on the measuring gas are to be maintained.

Testing gas

Serves for setting the measuring range according to.point " adjustments"

The testing gas shall contain an oxygen concentration of 80 to 100 % of the measuring span.

If it is not possible to fill  the testing gas into presssurized bottles, substitutional testing gas is used.

In this case, the right curve of the substitutional testing gas is part of the test documents.

The requirements placed on the measured gas shall be maintained.